KOLOS fits Apple iPad 2, Apple The new iPad (3rd-gen) and Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th-gen).

The steering wheel has 31.3 cm (12.3'') outside diameter. It refers to the two farthest points (where KOLOS actually 'ends' from both sides) while holding it.

The distance between the screw in its lowest position, unscrewed, and the base is eight cm. Meaning it will seamlessly fit 2 inch (5 cm.) or less thick surfaces, because some space for screwing should also be left.

The steering wheel, without the base or the clamping system, weighs about 450 gr. (below 1.00 lbs). Adding an iPad (600-660 gr. depending on the model) will set it at around a kilo (2.40 lbs) - perfect for air gaming.

Check out "Video" - http://koloswheel.com/index.php/video.html : the iPad is held perfectly stable and is not moving in any direction even a little. It doesn't matter if it is used with or without the base.

KOLOS is designed for games supporting landscape mode. Portrait mode games can not be played.

The volume rocker and silent / screen rotation lock keys are easily reachable. On/Off (sleep/wake) button is not reachable, but you can easily pull the iPad out anytime in a matter of seconds.

You can’t charge your iPad or use Apple digital AV adapter, but you can easily stream games wirelessly on HDTV using Apple TV and AirPlay - http://www.apple.com/appletv/what-is/  

KOLOS has no cables coming out, no physical pedals or gear shift. It is pure hardware and requires no installation either. It won't charge the iPad.

No, but almost any game that uses accelerometer has the option to adjust sensitivity from settings. The spring within the base pressures it to center and it can’t be adjusted.

No. You can only rotate left and right up to 180 degree total - 90 degree in each direction when using the base. You have to detach the steering wheel in order to use it for flying (gyroscope enabled) games.

Protectors will work fine, but in order for the iPad to be held tight, cases and covers won't fit while using the steering wheel. You don't have to worry about damaging or scratching iPad's bezel - the two pads on the clip, that interact with the iPad, are silicone/rubber made. There are a total of 4 other pads on the bottom of the steering wheel where the iPad fits.

Absolutely not. The clip has two silicon/rubber pads pressuring the iPad, that can’t "hurt" it in any way. The pressure can't deform iPad's body either. It's just enough to hold it tight.

Doesn't really matter, you can set up your iPad however you want.

KOLOS is designed for iPad 2 and The new iPad and there is no guarantee it will work with other tablets or smart devices. It does not support the iPad Mini.

Yes, each model has 1 year limited warranty.