KOLOS supports Apple iPad 2, Apple The new iPad (3rd generation) and Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th generation). 
KOLOS Full Pack, Black

The steering wheel is made from black color anti-perspirant rubber coating technology. The base is made from black high quality metalized plastic and the clamping system is manufactured from black ABS.
KOLOS Steering Wheel Only, Black

You can go for a Black Steering Wheel only and enjoy your favorite iOS games in the air.
KOLOS Full Pack, Grey

The steering wheel is made from grey color anti-perspirant rubber coating technology. The base is made from grey high quality metalized plastic and the clamping system is manufactured from grey ABS.
KOLOS Steering Wheel Only, Grey

You can go for a Grey Steering Wheel only and enjoy your favorite iOS games in the air.
Tight Clip Hold

Setting up is fast and easy. Just place the iPad in landscape mode and pull down the clip – the grip is so tight, that your device will stay stable at all times while playing.
Firm Clamping System

The distance between the clamp in its lowest position unscrewed and between the bottom of the base is eight cm. It will seamlessly fit 2 inch (5 cm.) or less thick surfaces, because some space for screwing should also be left.
Curved Base Design

The base is made symmetrical to the steering wheel. On the bottom there are 3 large rubberzied circles for enhanced stability.
Comfortable Grip and Easy-to-Reach Display

The little dips and small wheel diameter of 12.3" (31.3 cm.) allows you to easily touch the display and handle the aciton in a more convenient way
One-Finger Gaming

Use KOLOS as a gaming stand and try out all favorite one-finger games using no hands at all for an even more comfortable gaming experience. 
Racing Wheel Stand

The auto-centring function and the dedicated base take all racing games to a new level of realistic emotions.
Detachable Steering Wheel

With a click of a button the steering wheel is detached instantly and with a simple push its back in place.
Easy Air Gaming

Enjoy every game wherever you want: indoors, outdoors or take it on the road! The compact design makes KOLOS highly portable.